Set of 3 Specialist Courses

Set of 3 Specialist Courses


  • £3000

Add all 3 of our specialised modules to your TEFL course for the price of 2!

Our 10 Hour Specialist Courses are ideal for those who have already received a TEFL certificate, but would like to further their training by specialising in a specific area of TEFL.

Teaching Young Leaners - You will look at different activities you can use in your future lessons, including songs and games. There are plenty of hints and tips along the way, which will give you ideas for keeping young learners motivated and engaged.

Teaching Business English - You will look at all the key areas involved in teaching Business English students, including meetings, presentations, and key vocabulary. There will be lesson ideas and activities throughout, which you can reuse in your future lessons.

Teaching with Limited Resources - Some schools will have vast amounts of resources, from laptops to interactive whiteboards, whereas other schools will have very little resources. This module will teach you how to cope with having limited resources. You will be given plenty of ideas and activities throughout the module to use in your future classes.

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