Absolute TEFL - Ultimate teaching Guide

Absolute TEFL - Ultimate teaching Guide


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Essential reading for any EFL teachers. UK-TEFL's best-selling publication.

If you are looking for the ultimate guide to Teaching English as a Foreign Language then this is the book for you. Our Absolute TEFL training manual tells you everything you need to know about becoming a successful TEFL teacher and is the best training guide available. What’s more it was written specifically for UK-TEFL by our Director of Studies Danielle Mundy.

It serves as a great accompaniment to our UK-TEFL courses. It is suitable if you are a beginner or already an EFL teacher looking for more materials for the classroom.

After each section, there are small tasks which relate to what you have just read, so you can practice and make sure you understand it. There is also a section on how to go about finding work.

Packed full of great ideas and practical advice, this guide is a must have for any TEFL teacher.

The number one selling training manual around - an absolute must have!


  1. An Introduction to Teaching English 
  2. Learning Styles 
  3. Why Study Grammar? 
  4. The Qualities of an EFL Teacher 
  5. ‘Get to Know You’ Activities and Warmers 
  6. The Tenses of the English Language 
  7. How do We Teach Our Students? 
  8. Lesson Structures 
  9. Past Time 
  10. Lesson Planning 
  11. Student Levels 
  12. Future Time 
  13. Classroom Management 
  14. A Foreign Language Lesson 
  15. Modal Verbs 
  16. Language Functions 
  17. An Introduction to Phonology 
  18. The Present Perfect 
  19. Skills Based Lessons 
  20. One-to-One Teaching 
  21. Simple vs. Continuous Tenses 
  22. Teaching Children 
  23. Testing Our Students 
  24. The Passive vs. The Active Voice 
  25. Understanding Our Students’ Errors 
  26. Using Music to Teach English 
  27. Conditional Forms 
  28. Concept Questions 
  29. Teaching Vocabulary 
  30. Final Test - Practice Activities

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